Family farming is our priority

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We believe that organic products are not just a label.

When we offer consumers organic products that come directly from the producer, they do not think of macro-exporting companies that want to monopolise the market by offering an increasingly wide range of intensively grown products.

“Family farmers…don’t just produce food. They simultaneously fulfil environmental, social and cultural functions, and are custodians of biodiversity, persevering landscape and mantaining community and cultural heritage. Further, they have the knowledge to produce nutritious and culturally appropiate food as part of local traditions. In fact, nothing comes closer to the paradigm of sustainable food production than family farming.”

Preface United Nations Decade for Family Farming 2019-2028.

We want to help organic farmers, who are trying to ensure the survival of future generations, to reach the European customer so that they are not condemned to disappear or to sell their product to the largest producer, completely losing their identity and the recognition of their work.

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Behind each load of SUNRISE FRUITS COMPANY, there is a commitment with a real story.